Company history

What are we doing today?
  • 2018

    Automated panel storage

    This year, a new computer-controlled automated warehouse of the sectional panels was installed and put into operation.

  • 2017

    Introducing DURA PRINT technology

    We have introduced a new unique digital printing technology to sectional panels

  • 2016

    Extension of development centre and production facilities

    In June we finished the erection of a new large shop dedicated to our development centre as well as to expansion of Aluminium Systems production.

  • 2015

    New products

    We extend the range by aluminium house doors with covered door frame, option for door PLUS with extension springs for 0 mm headroom a 4 new foils for laminating of panels.

  • 2014

    20 Years Anniversary

    In this year we celebrate 20 years since founding of the company. Purchase of a third wrapping machine for laminating, expansion of product range by aluminium house doors and aluminium cladding systems. New type of sectional door RSV for renovation of old doors.

  • 2013

    Extension of Office Building

    Extension of office building, construction of new storage hall. Product range expanded by a new garage door type PLUS with an extension spring system.

  • 2012

    Branch office in Hodonin, exterior blinds

    Significant extension of storage area for sectional panels. Opening of a new branch office in town Hodonin. Expansion of product range by exterior blinds.

  • 2011

    CNC milling-cutter

    Purchase of milling-cutter for cutting of windows in panels. On-going offer extension of wood imitations and colour foils according to customer requirements. Further enlargement of production facilities. Purchase of a second wrapping machine for laminating of profiles.

  • 2010

    Side sectional doors and side hinged doors

    Production range extension by 2 new types of garage doors – side sectional doors and side hinged doors. Purchase of modern wrapping machine for laminating panels for sectional doors. Extended offer of wood imitations and colour foils.

  • 2009

    Offer expansion and productivity optimization

    Expanding the offer by 24 new wood imitations (as the first sectional doors producer in the Europe). Further improvements in production and its continuous optimization resulting in ever higher productivity.

  • 2008

    Modernization of production and information system

    Implementation of a comprehensive information system including planning and management, which will help to improve the quality of our services. Modernization of the door production, purchase of new machinery and equipment, building new facilities for storage of the panels., purchase of new machinery and equipment, building new facilities for storage of the panels.

  • 2007

    Rolling doors and docklevellers

    Start of production of rolling doors and docklevellers. Further expansion of export aktivities. By the end of the year our doors are sold in 11 european countries.

  • 2006

    Further expansion on European markets

    Further expansion on European markets, sales in 9 European countries. Optimization of the production process for higher effectiveness in production.

  • 2005

    Trade agency in Ukraine

    Completion of the production area construction on 3ha. Construction of a training center for door installation in Kromeriz. Founding of a trade agency in the Ukraine with branch offices in Kiev and Vinnitsa.

  • 2004

    Trade agency in Germany

    Founding of a trade agency in Germany. Commencement of the construction of a production hall over an area of 3000m2 for storing and the production of sectional door panels. (Estimated date of completion – 1st quarter of 2005)

  • 2003

    Training centre

    Completion and stabilization of production and storage capacities to secure faster supplies and enlarge reserves. In spring opening of a assembly training centre.

  • 2002

    Moving to new premises

    In February finishing of the new administrative building and the removal of the company to the new area. In November start of the construction of new storage and production space over an area of 3500 q.m.

  • 2001

    Reconstruction of a new administrative building

    In February start of the reconstruction of a new administrative building in Veleslavinova ulice in Kromeriz.

  • 2000

    Establishing on the market

    Completion of the construction of further production space, establishing of the firm on the market and better communication of the brand name in relation to the final customer

  • 1999

    Completion of storehouse

    Completion of the construction of the storehouse and the manufacturing space, commencement of the construction of further manufacturing space in Kromeriz, “restructuring” – abandoning other activities for door production, building up a distribution chain of authorized assembly firms, increasing production and achieving a greatly reduced price level from suppliers

  • 1998

    Completion of business premises

    Completion of the construction of business premises, commencement of the construction of a storehouse and a manufacturing space in Kromeriz.

  • 1997

    Production start of garage doors

    Conclusion of agreements on deliveries of materials from Italy and Holland, production start of garage doors, commencement of the construction of new business premises in Kromeriz.

  • 1996

    Extension of service offer

    Extension of service by the assembly of electronic security systems, delivery and assembly of dock seals, production and assembly of gates, delivery of tiles (Monowall).

  • 1995

    Extension of the range of products by goods from Italy

    Extension of the range of products by goods from Italy.

  • 1994

    Founding of the company

    Import and installation of doors from Canada.

Kružík founded 1994